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Featured Speakers

avatar for Steven  Banks

Steven Banks

PSYCH-K with Steven Banks
avatar for Lorna Borgeson

Lorna Borgeson

One Living Consciousness - Freedom Dove


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Kelly Aiello

avatar for Stephanie  Banks

Stephanie Banks

Awaken with Stephanie Banks
avatar for Elizabeth Beeds

Elizabeth Beeds

Interior Wellness Magazine
avatar for Andrea Brassard

Andrea Brassard

Creative Arts Therapies
avatar for Lisa Conroy

Lisa Conroy

Inspire Chiropractic & Wellness Studio
avatar for Deanna Deacon

Deanna Deacon

Deanna Deacon Coaching
avatar for Cory Erlandson

Cory Erlandson

Breath Integration Coaching and Training Center
avatar for Donna Fairhurst

Donna Fairhurst

Soul Full Solutions Inc
avatar for Tamryn Fudge

Tamryn Fudge

Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit
avatar for Merri Giesbrecht

Merri Giesbrecht

Cure Your Depression
avatar for Jocelyn  Gordon

Jocelyn Gordon

The Way Forward Coaching Services
avatar for Cecilia De Groot

Cecilia De Groot

Intuitive Empowerment Guide
avatar for Lily Grubisic

Lily Grubisic

Lily Alice
avatar for Alisa Farr and Cameron Hayward

Alisa Farr and Cameron Hayward

Kihew Therapy & Wellness Inc.
avatar for Trent Janisch

Trent Janisch

The Power You Are Training & Coaching
avatar for Krysten Kuzyk

Krysten Kuzyk

Align Thru Love
avatar for Michelle Lewthwaite

Michelle Lewthwaite

May Cause Radiance
avatar for Marilyn Manderson

Marilyn Manderson

Interior Attunement Service
avatar for Marie Martin

Marie Martin

Marie Martin BS Coach
avatar for Serge  Mazerand

Serge Mazerand

Keys to Serenity
avatar for Eric McCooeye

Eric McCooeye

The Spirit Cafe
avatar for Audrey Meuse

Audrey Meuse

ReStructuring Technologies Inc
avatar for Kate  Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kickass Life Project
avatar for Michelle  Morrison

Michelle Morrison

The Balanced Soul
avatar for Evelyn Mulders

Evelyn Mulders

Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies Inc.
avatar for Kendra Mulgrew

Kendra Mulgrew

Kendra Mulgrew Counselling
avatar for Tracy  Munson

Tracy Munson

Insight Natural Healing
avatar for Nicole O'Donnell

Nicole O'Donnell

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
avatar for Keyla Ohs

Keyla Ohs

Sereen Spirit Healing and Retreat Centre
avatar for Tammie Oram

Tammie Oram

Nourish Wellness Centre
avatar for Cheryl Paige

Cheryl Paige

Cheryl Paige Coaching & Healing
avatar for Cristin  Platt

Cristin Platt

Sakura Spiritual Arts
avatar for Marilyn  J  Puff

Marilyn J Puff

Sacred Moon Emergence
avatar for Kelly  Rattanee

Kelly Rattanee

Kelly Rattanee ~ Women' Self Love and Empowerment Coach
avatar for Ashley Robb

Ashley Robb

The Middle Path
avatar for Natasha Rosewood

Natasha Rosewood

Energy Dynamics Unlimited
avatar for Jennifer Sherman

Jennifer Sherman

Yoga 4 life with Jennifer
avatar for Colette Marie Stefan

Colette Marie Stefan

The Truth Is Funny.... Shift Happens
avatar for David Stephan

David Stephan

Truehope Canada
avatar for Sharon Strang

Sharon Strang

Focus Bodywork - Healing Massage Education
avatar for Julie  Veitch

Julie Veitch

Inner Core Coaching
avatar for Sheryl Yaremco

Sheryl Yaremco

Tru HealthSpan Integrative Care