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Speaker BIO:
Audrey  combines more than 30 years of experience as a Transformational Facilitator, specializing  body-oriented techniques, using breath, sound and movement to guide you in releasing the hidden core traumas, gentle emotional release with a system of self-awareness. Over and over she has experienced for herself and others the miracle of Breath & Trauma Release Exercises, and considers it a sacred honor to facilitate and teach this deeply healing system of Karmic Therapy Transformational facilitation trainings are uniquely designed to accommodate aspiring practitioners, as well as anyone wanting to fully participate in their own healing process on a purely experiential basis. Please visit her website at www.cbwellnesscentre.com

Exhibitor description:
For  10  years  now,  Audrey  Meuse  and  Alex  MacDonald  have  operated    this  Aquatic  Wellness  Centre  private  facility  located  in  the  heart  of  Downtown  Kamloops.  Our  facility  features  a  salt  water  pool  sanctuary  including  aquatic  exercise  equipment,  changing  rooms  &  showers,  far  infrared  saunas,  movement  room,  and  spa  treatment  centre.  The  pool  sanctuary  is  perfect  for  rehabilitation,  floating,  easy  exercise  or  baby  swim  classes.    It  is  also  your  private  membership  pool  with  easy  access  7  days  a  week.  Now  offering  these  revolutionary  programs  to  utilize  their  warm  salt  pool.  Their  company  -  Restructuring  Technologies  Inc.  "Tools  for  Transformation®",  The  Breakthrough™,  The  Shift™,    
Framework  to  Freedom  a  12  week  program  for  Chronic  Pain  and  Fibromyalgia    and  The  P.A.C.E  method  of  Water  Parenting™  is  taught  to  our  Aqua  Babies  Class.    Birthings®  is  here  to  take  you  on  a  powerful  journey  that  illuminates  ways  of  improving  our  efficacy  as  parents,  the  parenting  brain,  and  as  partners,  as  we  re-parent  our  inner  child.  Audrey  Meuse  has  dedicated  her  life  to  understand  the  deep  emotional  roots  to  relationships,  parenting,  addictions  and  mental  health.  These  transformational  programs  have  been  developed  over  the  last  30  years  with  focus  on  personal  growth  and  Karmic  Therapy.    We  also  provide  merchandising  as  Kamloops’  Nordic  Walking  Headquarters,  as  well  as  general  fitness  instruction  &  wellness  merchandise  
Visit  us  at www.cbwellnesscentre.com or  call  250  374  7383