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Circulation Therapy

Better Circulation Better Health

Improving circulation promotes health and vitality. Circulation Therapy focuses on improving health by enhancing circulation in the body. 


-Detox the Body

-Boost the Immune System    

-Improve Digestion and Sleep

-Reduce Pain and Inflammation

-Increase Energy and vitality

-Improve Mental Clarity

Conditions Worked With

Poor Circulation

-Post surgery 

-Tendonitis and carpal tunnel symptoms

-Pain/ inflammation (arthritis symptoms)

-Digestive problems/ IBS symptoms

-Poor sleep and low energy

-Whiplash symptoms/ soft tissue injuries

*Circulation therapy assess and treats the whole person, many conditions are worked with

Better Circulation for Better Health

Circulation Therapy assess and treats the whole person. This unique approach uses specific techniques to activate fluid systems in the body. The Lymphatics are thoroughly pumped (initiating detoxification), veins and arteries gently stretched to help regulate blood pressure, and congestion and inflammation is gently broken down to improve cellular health and fluid flow, The gut is worked with to aid in digestive functions, and fascial restrictions are released to reduce muscle tension and improve mobility and body function. The fluids are thoroughly worked improve systemic health and vitality.

Come by and see how Circulation Therapy can Improve your health and well-being today!!