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PEMF is frequency therapy with science-backed, earth-inspired energy medicine that charges your trillions of cells stimulating the body's natural healing response.

Come meet a team of independent, competent and certified Swiss Bionic Lifestyle Consultants who will be available to provide festival attendees education and an experience of a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) device that mimics the earth’s magnetic field in frequencies and intensities to optimize cell function. The Swiss Bionic PEMF mat system provides preventative wellness & health care with the power of nature; a modular system that combines cutting-edge technology and a wide range of health, wellness and fitness applications! Come visit our booth to have fun "learning" and "experiencing" this 5000 year old "cure" that made its entry into modern holistic medicine approximately 60 years ago, and was furthered by NASA.

To learn more regarding the therapy and the system, please see www.pemf.com and www.swissbionic.com. Systems are available to purchase for home or business use through the Swiss Bionic Lifestyle Consultants/Representatives. Swiss Bionic Solutions iMRS technology (intelligent Magnectic Resonance Stimulation) is Certified by Health Canada to increase blood circulation and to relieve aches and pains. Our team is very excited to share this innovative, NASA proven, non-invasive wellness technology with all who are interested in top cellular health for themselves, their families, their pets, or to bring into their own wellness business.