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Kelly is a Self Love Coach, and Energy Healer, whose divine mission is to help women reclaim their self love, joy and power. She supports women as they process emotions, begin healing and journeying back into their divine selves.  After working in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years, Kelly realized that many women (including herself) were basing their self worth and happiness on their physical appearance, or things outside of themselves. Kelly felt she was being called to do more to support women in cultivating epic self love, so she left the fitness industry and dove into the beautiful and empowering business that is Kelly Rattanee~Women's Self Love and Empowerment Coach. If you have any questions for Kelly, or would like to speak with her about cultivating epic self love, you can contact her through one of the following: www.kellyrattanee.com info@kellyrattanee.com Facebook: Kelly Rattanee Women's Self Love and Empowerment Coach Instagram: Kelly Rattanee