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Booth MM33 with Tiffanie Geurtsen
Speaker BIO:
Kelowna-based and internationally acclaimed Intuitive Consultant, Psychic, Spirit Medium, Ghost Buster, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Screenwriter and Corporate Consultant, Natasha Rosewood empowers her clients, through developing their own intuitive intelligence, to clear emotional blocks, follow their bliss and achieve their greatest success. Her metaphysical books, Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too), Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures) and Mostly True GHOSTLY Stories teach us that we all have access to a higher intelligence; Intuition. Her latest book will encourage us to access that intelligence making for a better world.    

Exhibitor Description:
Born  in  England,  Natasha  has  always  been  fascinated  with  people,  travel,  languages,  (mostly)  humorous  storytelling  and  metaphysics.  At  22,  with  three  European  languages.  Natasha  began  her  career  as  a  flight  attendant  .  .  .  and  budding  palmist.    After  eight  years  flying  European  and  international  routes  plus  a  short  contract  in  Libya,  she  acquired  three  more  languages─and  some  hilarious,  hair-raising  tales.  In  1983,  Natasha  emigrated  to  BC,  Canada  and  from  a  palmist,  Natasha  has  now  evolved  into  a  master  metaphysician  and  a  prolific  writer.  Her  three  self-published  books,  Aaagh!  I  Think  I’m  Psychic  (And  You  Can  Be  Too),  Aaagh!  I  Thought  You  Were  Dead  (And  Other  Psychic  Adventures)    and  Mostly  True  GHOSTLY  Stories  ─available  on  Amazon  and  Kindle─have  enlightened  and  entertained  thousands  of  readers.

Her  fourth  and  fifth  books,  Flight  of  Your  Life  (Short  Haul),  hilarious  tales  of  her  70s-80s  flying  career,  is  ready  for  publishing.      More  recently,  Natasha  is  giving  talks  and  workshops  on  the  content  of  her  upcoming  book  on  intuition.  “My  mission  is  to  awaken  the  intuitive  giant  within  all  of  us.    When  we  connect  to  our  authentic  inner  voice,  we  live  in  a  safer,  brighter  and  happier  world.    And  we  need  to  laugh  again.”