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Jennifer Sherman

Kamloops, British Columbia
Jennifer is been active on her yoga mat for 28 years . Developing and strengthening her practice over the years and is now an active Yoga Guide at her own space at Yoga on the shore located at kamloops performance company where I offer meditations, hammock yoga ,group and private classes . I also share space at Oxygen Yoga and volunteer at the YMCA  from time to time. I love teaching others how to strengthen  their bodies from the inside out by helping them develope  their own Practice. After years of practice on my mat, prana is the magic. And the most important to control your thoughts, emotions, actions and so you can have undivided attention over your body… The mindful act of pratyahara has helped me find a deeper connection to the body and the spiritual side of life . Opening up my practice to others gives me nothing but joy and happiness.
The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away ! SEE U ON YOUR MAT and I can’t WAIT TO MEET YOU!