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Daryl was introduced to the hula hoop in late 2011, it wasn't long before she began teaching, and performing. That soon set her on a journey to California where she attended The Hoop Girl Empowerment Retreat with Christabel Zamour in 2012. It is here she was introduced to the Power of the Goddess; spiral dancing in sisterhood, looking deep within, breathing new life she into places she had closed off long ago, and rediscovering her spiritual heart. Since then Daryl has undergone training as a doula, has led sisterhood circles, and mother blessings. Passionate about the support and empowerment of sisterhood, this eventually led her to seek out more teachings in Hawaii. Here she met Mentor Alila Grace, Foundher of Mahina Cup and teacher of Womb Consciousness and Holistic Wellness. It was at Alila's retreat Priestess of the Sacred Heart; where Daryl was initiated into Womb Consciousness and Priestess practices. Over the last year, She has spent less time teaching, journeying further inward, shifting, evolving and with that her offerings. She is now ready to come out of her cave, and share these gifts with you.