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Kristen Kuzyk has been into the Energy Arts (GiGong, reiki,crystal healing,etc) for years and for good reason. She was very healthy, playing on a national sports team, taking care of herself. So she thought, until she was forced to go on bed rest all of sudden, as she couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without losing her breath. The doctors didn't really know what to tell her but to rest and take extra supplements, when her health wasn't improving she began to search for answers.

She first learned about Reiki and some other energy healing modalities and they taught her about energy and chakra imbalances and energy blockages, along with realizing she absorbs other peoples, places, things energy that was draining her.  She then learned the practice of QIGong which became a daily practice of purifying, and protecting her energy as well as giving her that peace and stillness as it is known as a moving meditation. Kristen is a strong believer in Self Care and for her the Energy Arts are just that; keeping her mind,body and soul aligned and balanced.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, October 20

2:30pm PDT