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Speaker bio:
Healing is Kendra’s purpose and passion. Through her own trauma, mental health, and holistic-wellbeing journey, she has gained experience, skills, knowledge, and heart-centered wisdom in which she integrates into her Kelowna and distance counselling practice. As a MSPsych graduate, somatic practitioner, holistic nutritionist, trained yoga teacher, meditator, body-worker, and RCC, she weaves together all aspects of the whole while assisting individuals and couples on their journeys. Informing her practice through the framework of Somatic Experiencing, she specializes in trauma therapy for Kelowna and distant individuals and couples through touch and talk therapy.

Exhibitor description:
Healing trauma and emotional wounds is an integral part of the spiritual path. Interestingly enough, this is done through integration of the physical body. Your Whole Self has the innate capacity to Heal; Kendra provides the right conditions for this Innate Wisdom to do the work necessary to come back to balance and harmony. Approaching mental health from a mind-body perspective, Kendra facilitates healing through talk and touch-work. Although counselling is traditionally thought of as talk therapy and psychoanalysis (which offer many benefits), they only address the mind. Much research shows the importance of the connection between the mind and the body. Therefore, it is necessary for both the mind and body to be present in the healing process. Through integration of the body, real and sustainable change is attainable. “Kendra is one of the most intuitive and genuine counsellors I have had the pleasure of seeing. Her warmth creates a safe space of empathetic understanding, while at the same time fostering an intimate yet professional atmosphere. I truly feel lighter and clearer in myself for having experienced her healing services. Thank you Kendra!” - A.S. Visit www.kendramulgrew.com or email kendramulgrewcounselling@gmail.com for more information.  

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Friday, October 19

10:00am PDT